Monday, June 13, 2011

The Magic of Chalk Paint

The magic of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that it allows you to create an authentic time worn finish and aged beauty of furniture with ease. This natural patina usually occurs over time, layer after layer in antique furniture. Not Anymore! With Chalk Paint, you can easily achieve this look in one afternoon using furniture you already have. Check out this table
Another beautiful piece from Michele at Stiltskin Studios, she says

"That table is just gorgeous, I love it. Aubusson Blue in color, it was then distressed and waxed to a rich luster. It feels like VELVET! One of the easiest transformations, but boy, did it work out nicely! I can't even really take too much credit, other than having the good sense to let that gorgeous color speak for itself and highlight that curvy legged table!"
Take a close look at this detail below. In ordinary latex paint, you usually get a hard ridge where the paint sits on top of the furniture and then is chipped away (similar to your nail polish chipping off, you know that hard ridge line?). None of that here! Just a beautiful, natural authentic patina with a smooth, even finish.

This table was created with one coat of Aubusson Blue. distressed and finished with Clear Wax. The velvet feel was achieved by buffing it into a lovely sheen.

Would you like to transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something of beauty in an afternoon? Imagine That!


  1. Thanks for featuring us and this lovely table! We have so many more projects in the works...Chalk Paint is so much fun to work with!

  2. I love your blog! So informative, looking forward to future postings!

  3. Michele - You are welcome, glad you are enjoying the paint!
    Jackie - Thanks for stopping by, glad you like it!

  4. Please tell me how you achieved the look on the top of this table. Was it just the wax? Or painted ...what color. It looks so bad in the before photo. I just placed my first paint order with you and this is the look I want on a kitchen table. Love you blog and looking forward to trying your product. Can wait to receive my oder.

  5. Gigi - thanks for stopping by. The top of the table was the natural wood stripped down and then finished with a poly. The bottom of the table was painted with Aubusson Blue followed by Clear Wax. Thanks for the order, hope you enjoy your paints!

  6. I love how it has the really dark spots....especially on the bottom. That's just sanded down? No dark wax or anything?

    Love it!

    Aubusson Blue is a favorite of mine!

    1. Susanne, isn't it gorgeous! Michele at Stiltskin Studios painted it...she is so talented! She painted it with just one coat of Aubusson, not fully covering the piece, but allowing the wood to show through and then sanded to distress it as well. Aubusson is such a great color!