Friday, February 15, 2013

Wax ON - Wax OFF with our "Secret Weapon" for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Using the proper tools of the trade is so important when painting with Chalk Paint®.  It doesn't matter whether you are an expert with Chalk Paint® or just beginning.  Knowing what and how to apply each product needed for your project is key!

If you're preparing to paint a piece of furniture with Chalk Paint® for the first time and you're not quite sure how it works, here's a great tutorial about How To Use Chalk Paint®.

By far, we get the most questions about the waxing process.  There is nothing difficult about it, it is just different than what most people are used to.  Our tutorial above goes through the process, step by step in how to apply the paint and wax correctly. 

I love our wax brushes made specifically for soft wax.  The highest quality brushes in the industry by far, made from the finest Shanghai white bristle.

Wax Brush

But what I'm really excited to share with you is one of our favorite tools!
Our "secret weapon" is high quality Rymplecloth

It looks similar to your ordinary cheesecloth but it's not.

Rymplecloth is a purified, unbleached cloth made of 100% cotton woven fabric with a unique crimped and twisted weave.  These natural yarns are more absorbent than traditional cheesecloth.  This kind of absorbency allows for a smooth and even finish for waxed furniture.  The unique crimped design provides more surface area for trapping, collecting and removing excess wax.  The texture of the cloth ensures little waste of the product.  Rymplecloth can also be used to buff the waxed finish. 
Small and large size rolls are sold online.  Simply click on the images to place your order today!

Once we started using Rymplecloth, it made such a difference in the wax finish!  Such a simple thing - whenever our customers have a wax issue and switch to this - the problem is always solved.  We even have customers in the store buy it for other reasons as well - mixed media art, decorating, silverware, etc.  Someone even made a gorgeous rose wreath out it, we love it!!  

 We also carry Soft Wax® in clear and dark.
Annie Sloan Soft Wax - Clear

Annie Sloan Soft Wax - Dark
When you're using good quality products there really is no room to cut corners.  
Wax On - Wax OFF with only the best. 


  1. Thanks for the tip! I love ASCP and Wax :) I tried something crazy with the wax the other I will have to let you know if it worked out. I used my hubby's electric buffer to wax my kitchen counter-tops...fingers crossed.

    1. So glad we can help, Rymplecloth is truly the best! Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to hear.

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    1. Agreed Holly! So glad you popped by, have a wonderful week.