Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Hot-Process Soap and other fabulous Natural Products

We have been workshop maniacs this month!  

Two Chalk Paint® classes and a Vintage Valentine Card Class yesterday.

But that's not all... Saturday we're hosting a Soap Making Class.  We'll be learning the basics of hot-process soap making.

A hands-on learning experience designed to introduce the steps and procedures to handmade soap.  The class will cover all beginning aspects of soap making that include:

*  Introduction to and History of handmade soap *
*  Hot process vs. Cold process soap *
*  Safety guidelines *
*  Steps and procedures *
*  A beginner's guide to natural scents and colorants *

Each class participant will take home some soap made during the workshop along with recipes to make more at home!
This fun class is presented by Eden Springs Natural Products which we carry in the store.

Eden Springs Natural Products are so amazing and popular we've had a hard time keeping them stocked on the shelf!  

For Colorado's cold, dry climate during the winter months I highly recommend the Lotion Bars.  Designed to keep your skin moist and soft during the harsh months.  It is best used just after a shower while skin is still damp, but can be applied any time your skin feels dry.  It is made only with real, high quality oils and beeswax.  There is no alcohol or synthetic ingredients which may irritate your skin. 

For those that remember the days of always having some sort of salve around the house, we carry a Healing Salve.  A unique product that no home should be found without.  It is specially designed with herbs and essential oils that have been used for centuries to heal, relieve pain, fight infection, draw out toxicity (such as those from bites and stings), ease itching, reduce rashes, an more.  It's a product with a thousand uses.  Every home should have some! 

With Valentines approaching quickly, now's a good time to heal and soften your lips for extra kisses.  Chapstick made from natural, luxuriant oils to keep your lips soft year round.  Keep one in your car, purse, pocket and bedside stand.  We never leave home without one! 

If you've been sticking to your New Years Resolutions and visiting the gym you may have experienced a few sore muscles.  You have to try the Sore Muscle Rub!  This rub is crafted from a variety of herbs and essential oils which relax light muscles, relieve pain, and stimulate blood flow for regeneration of damaged muscle cells. You have to give it a try!

Do you prefer a bar of soap over pumping a liquid out of a plastic bottle?  Each Natural Soap is made with high quality oils for a luxuriant feel with nice lather.  No synthetic ingredients are ever used.  Herbs are used for color and essential oils for fragrance.  You'll enjoy the all-natural clean the soaps provide.

A new arrivals this year from Eden Springs Natural Products, All Purpose Cleaners!  They come in amazing fragrances of Lemon Lavender, Rosemary Mint and Pine Orange.  Each scent is available in a cleaning spray or cleaning scrub.  Strong enough to clean the bathroom and kitchen, but the best part about it is that it is 100% natural!  A powerful blend of essential oils known for their germ killing properties, while providing a clean, refreshing fragrance, without all the dangerous chemicals. You'll enjoy uplifting scents in your home each time you clean. 

The perfect products to jump start your Spring cleaning.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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