Monday, July 18, 2011

How to mix Chalk Paint to Create New Colors

Remember that Annie's paints do not contain black pigment (with the exception of Graphite). This allows for unlimited possibilities with mixing your own custom colors. Here is an example from Annie herself. This is a progression sheet created using Emperor's Silk and Old White.
You can see that even though there is not a true pink available in the 24 colors in the Chalk Paint line, you can easily create your own, and in varying shades. The top left corner is pure Emperor's Silk. Then, progressively mixed with one part Old White, then two parts, three parts and four get the idea.

We recommend that you use some sort of measuring device to keep your ratios consistent and of course write them down in order to repeat and recreate the color.

What about you?
What colors have you tried mixing or what colors would you like to see mixed?


  1. Mixed equal parts Chateau Grey with Old White on a custom ordered bedroom suite...a very, very lovely color!

  2. Does anyone know the mixture for a bittersweet color or salmon? Thanks!

  3. Oh I just love using pink lately! Thanks for this info to achieve it.