Monday, April 23, 2012

Chalk Paint Color Theory - Arles

Arles - It is a rich yellow ochre with a hint of orange.  When using Arles on furniture, Annie recommends pairing it with a cool, quiet color like Chateau Grey, Old Ochre, Country Grey, or a lightened version of Paris Grey.

It is a little difficult to pronounce correctly.  HERE is how the French say it.

This color is named after the town in the south of France famous for the vast deposits of yellow ochre pigments in the hills.  All the houses are painted in various ochre pigments found in the soil.
With Old White added, the color is very warm and gentle.

Bring a little bit of France into your home with Arles - now on SALE!


  1. I love Arles! Thanks for featuring my vanity again! That might be my favorite project so far.

  2. It's amazing how different this color can look depending on the light and the piece it's on. I love this color and can't wait to use it again. Thank you for posting my dresser from My Vintage Verve. I love your link parties and look forward to exploring everyone's creations using ASCP!

    1. Rachel, It is such a lovely color! Thanks for stopping by, and we are so happy to share such a beautiful dresser!