Friday, March 16, 2012

Annie Sloan in Denver, Colorado

Get ready Denver! Annie Sloan has officially kicked off her North American Tour!
Photo: Sasha Hostetter

We just returned from New Orleans for the official kick-off to her tour. What an amazing opportunity and truly wonderful people we met! I wanted to share a few comments from fellow retailers about meeting Annie:

Annie is a true "original", a consummate and accomplished artist without ego-full of as much grace and humility as talent and creativity. She leads by example and everything flows beautifully from her. It's an honor to be an ambassador for her and her brand - Melanie Royals

Meeting Annie Sloan was an utter delight. It is her essence that makes her so special. She has unabated enthusiasm for her work and for her paint. Yes, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a magic elixer that transforms sad and unloved old furniture into heirloom masterpieces, but I swear it is because a little drop of Annie Sloan's joie de vivre is in every can. - Lisa Ard

I learned how truly sincere and caring Annie Sloan is. It was truly amazing to see how much individual time she gave each of us. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to participate. - Vicki McKee

I have a degree in illustration and design and I have had courses on color theory, but Annie's presentation on color theory was better than any of that! She had the most amazing presentation! It made me love color theory even more. It just shows how much knowledge and history stands behind such a phenomenal product. - Jenny Parkhurst

Annie truly is amazing. Her lifelong devotion to art is reflected in presentation on color theory. She is energetic and enthusiastic, extremely creative and talented. What stuck us the most was her sincere caring and humility.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet Annie in person!
Annie will be in Denver, Colorado on March 21, 2012. She will also be in San Francisco (March 19), Chicago (March 24), Nashville (March 26), Atlanta (March 29), Leesburg (March 31), and Boston (April 2). Click HERE for more info and to register.


  1. I just love Annie Sloan paint and would like to buy some for some old dressers I have. Here is my question to you. Several of my pieces have stencil work on them (ugly DIY from my MIL) would I need to sand these down or would AS paint cover them withoug being seen in the light? Just wondering. Thank you!

  2. Maridith

    You should be able to just paint right over them without a problem. I would sand them if the stencil is pretty thick, if not, paint away.