Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Create the French Look

Why are we so drawn to Europe and in particular Italy and France?

Is it the fragrances?
Is it the rustic elegance of a patina naturally worn over time?
Is it the alluring appeal of a simpler time and simpler lifestyle?
There is something about the natural finishes that age gracefully over time.
We connect emotionally with these places, even if we have never experienced them first hand.
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These places have a history, they are real. They fill our senses.
They celebrate the beauty of the passing of time.

We often recreate these feelings in our own personal expression of decorating.
This adds meaning and calm to our chaotic lives.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paints have empowered so many to recreate the rustic elegance of a natural patina that deepens and evolves over time. Annie has presented opportunities to so many different people and allowed them to achieve their own unique personal perspective in painting and decorating. And the best thing about it is, Chalk Paint is just plain fun!
Annie developed her paint based on her working knowledge of paint, pigments and art history.
Chalk Paint is specifically designed for furniture.
It enables you to create an Old World, European look.

Annie created a workshop series to teach others the techniques she has developed and mastered in her over forty years as a fine artist.
Chalk Paint workshops are hands-on and taught only by trained and certified stockist.
Workshops allow you to jump in, experience and learn the magic of Chalk Paint.
Annie wants to ensure that everyone enjoys her products as much as she does.
above images source: Annie Sloan

We are pleased to announce that Shades of Amber (Colorado Stockist) is the Certified Regional Trainer for the Mountain States Region, including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

We regularly offer Chalk Paint workshops at our shop and working studio in
Historic Downtown Monument, Colorado.
For more information or to sign up for one of our workshops, please click HERE.

Workshops are also offered all over the United States.
To find the nearest location and certified stockist, please click HERE.
source: Kari Saupstad

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